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In an era where new technologies such as the cloud, Internet-of-Things, mobility and artificial intelligence/machine learning are accelerating

digital transformation,

Enterprise Architecture is becoming of utmost importance for businesses as it focuses on bringing information, business and technology together efficiently, timelessly and reliably in a seamless environment. 

Enterprise architecture has to accompany digital transformation to help businesses achieve desired results and stay on top of industry trends and disruptions.

Enterprise Architectural Planning includes standard language and best practices for business processes but considers as well the latest innovations in business processes, organisational structure, information systems and technologies.

Ultimately, Entreprise Architecture helps businesses achieve desired results and stay on top of industry trends and disruptions.

Expertise in enterprise architecture frameworks such as TOGAF.

SOLWAI provides expertise in frameworks such as TOGAF that are designed to be tailored and adapted to meet business specific needs in Enterprise Architecture.

Also as a

result of digital

transformation, security

issues are undoubtedly on the rise.

Adopting new technologies and business processes and using data to drive innovation and better business outcomes leads in parallel to a growing cyberattack surface and an increased number of entryways into a network.

Digital transformation has also created a focus on privacy protections and greater compliance requirements. Regulatory bodies have established more rigorous rules and guidelines to protect consumer data and personally identifiable information.

All these transformations render cybersecurity a major role intimately bonded to Enterprise Architectural Planning.

Following digital transformation, cybesecurity has a major role bonded to enterprise architecture (EA).

SOLWAI has adequate processes and certified people to ensure the best risk management working hand in hand with qualified enterprise architects.